Thermographic External Cavity Wall Surveys to Establish Heat Losses.

A full inspection of the insulated cavities to the outside walls to cavity walls can be carried out by JDCEL, we use endoscope equipment to view the inside of the buildings cavities after drilling the required access holes to the property.we can determine the following :- Thermal bridging, lack of cavity insulation, corroded cavity wall ties, and other detrimental conditions.

For over twenty years, House holders were encouraged by Government to have their cavity walls insulated. Around 68% of householders saw the wisdom of this arrangement and saw energy cost savings through the insulation schemes.

As usual not all companies that signed up for this measure carried out out the insulating cavity works honestly or diligently but charged full price for up to half the job carried out. These walls are still losing heat and costing money.

JDCEL have the expertise using thermal imaging to be able to identify such heat loss areas that always will lose heat in these areas constantly over the future costing even more lost finance.


Roofing Insualtion
Wall Insualtion
Floor Insulation

Here you can see a full loft space with Cleotex insulation

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