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Green Deal, We are still completing and issuing Assessments

The Green Deal was the largest home improvement programme since World War II. It was the government’s flagship energy policy and was designed to transform the energy efficiency and sustainability of the UK’s ageing building stock. As part of the 2011 Energy Act, the initiative aimed to make millions of homes and businesses across Britain more energy efficient. Due to the suspension of the governments funding provision the green deal aspect of energy saving measures is now awaiting change.

As one of the government’s official Green Deal Advisors, we will endeavour to work to make sustainable economic energy available to everyone. This means keeping up to date with changes to funding opportunities – and understanding how to optimise them. The Green Deal offered property owners a range of energy-efficient building improvements, with the opportunity to pay for the work over time through savings made in energy bills. The Green Deal was good for the government, good for the planet and, most importantly, good for you. Unfortunately due to the government making changes to the system this is no longer available, We await developments at this time.


Energy Performance Certificates

A typical EPC will contain the following information:-

  • A property’s energy use and yearly energy cost.
    Recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save money
  • An energy efficiency rating is graded from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years.
  • The ‘A’ rating on the certificate (Dark green) is highly efficient
    The ‘G’ rating on the certificate (Red) is low efficiency

Most homes acheive around a grade D,and this is the average, but the home involved still wastes valuable energy and needless expense.

Certificates also contain recommendations on where you could make improvements and save cost.

Energy Bills

Energy Performance Certificates look similar to the EU Energy Labels you see on electrical appliances, such as fridges and washing machines.

While EPCs are indicative of the rating scale, and relate to the financial implications of that scale when it comes to selling the home, it also contains plenty of other information designed to help make the home ‘greener’.

  • This information includes estimates of the yearly energy cost that the property potentially will use,
  • Carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Fuel costs;
  • Details of the person who carried out the assessment;
  • Who to contact for complaints.
  • Using the information contained in the certificate, one can assess the impact of energy-saving upgrades that can be applied to the property to save money.

Shurely it makes perfect sense to save money, after all, in these times of austerity money is better in ones own pocket not the energy companies.

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