Building Condition and Dilapidation Surveys

JDCEL Surveyors are qualified and experienced in producing condition and dilapidation reports. Domestic property is one of the most expensive items we will ever purchase and to find out later that defects that should have been discovered before purchase were never identified, can be very expensive.

It is one thing to purchase property that requires a little maintenance but another to buy a Pig in a Poke so to speak.

JDCEL use the RIBA/RICS standard format and method of investigating all areas of the building  both covered and uncovered and also inspection of all surrounding site to the property including identifying any future problems to that may arise in the future ie Japanese knotwood or similar to garden areas.

All our plans if required are also prepared to ARIBA & RICS guidelines. In addition our services are covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Our inventories  list the complete contents of the property. This includes items such as doors, ceilings, walls, light fittings, carpets, curtains, smoke detectors, sockets, cupboards, and radiators and their condition including drainage and water supplies.

In addition, defects, such as stains, chips, and general cleanliness will  be recorded. Any furniture remaining in the property that is left behind will be included and its condition clearly recorded.

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