Surveys and Assessments

We produce energy performance certificates for different clients who have come to trust our advice and the services we offer, we have a long history in customer satisfaction.

We may not be the cheapest assessors in the market place but we are amongst the best, our senior surveyor and assessor is chartered and we take pride in the fact that we have a 97% audit pass rate with our Lodgements to our certification providers i.e. Stroma, Elmhurst Energy and Landmark.

Our prices commence range from £49.50 for properties up to two bedroom flats and houses to £ 75.00 for four to five bedroom properties, we are also Green Deal Advisors and our quotations and prices for these services are also very competitive.

We also offer services to the Housing Conveyance organisations / Solicitors with architectural plans and tenancy inventory audits all produced to high standards.

The Principal Surveyor employed by our company has over twenty years experience of  survey’s in the following related fields:

  • Asbestos investigation and establishment,
  • Tenancy Inventories.
  • Legionella Surveys.
  • Disabled Adaptation and alterations.
  • Building Condition Surveys.
  •  Computer Aided Design- planning drawings and planning consents obtained.
  • Photographic Record surveysNote N.BAll our survey results are compiled using recognised suitable software and industry standard software.

This also applies to any cavity wall insulation previously or retrofitted or improved For any improvement or recent change to double glazing to windows fitted after 2002, please provide any paperwork available to show the original installation date.

Boiler or Main Central Heating information: Recording the main boiler details from visual inspections can be difficult, please provide any information manuals or service history you may have for the Boiler, Thermostat, Energy manager available including any gas or electricity current heating bills.

We are a caring professional company who care deeply in the continuance of the well being of our planet and its people and are committed to lowering the amount of carbon emitted by caring for our clients welfare and providing the best results

It is now common practice for solicitors carrying out the conveyance on properties to demand an Energy Performance Certificate before they continue with legal instructions.

If you do not provide an EPC when it is required for the rental or sale of your property, you could face legal prosecution and fines may be levied against you.

All our Qualified Assessors carry full insurances to cover works ( public liability and professional indemnity) to be carried out in any property. Regular audits by government accreditation agencies are regularly carried out to our companies performance and we employ a recognised Quality Management system to ensure we maintain a high level of performance to our customers.

As members of a legal accreditation scheme we have passed the relevant examinations and are fully accredited, experienced and qualified to carry out works to your EPC we are also a fully chartered company.

When booking an EPC on your property please use a fully qualified and accredited EPC surveyor, details can be gleaned from this web site.

Ensure that many of your fixed light fittings are fitted with low energy lamps. Ensure that your hot water tank has at least 75 mm of insulation on the exterior skin, Improved insulation can make a significant difference to the Energy rating of your property.

If Possible provide access to your Loft, If we cannot access the loft due to over-boarding or loft full of customers belongings please provide any paperwork available to prove that the loft insulation thickness has been improved or fitted.

Proof of homeownership required together with landlords permission if property is rented, the construction build dates of main property, extensions or room in the roof is also required:

We have here provided some suggestions how to improve your Energy rating of your property prior to assessment. Some of the items can be carried out with very little expense before you require your EPC survey to be completed.

In Today’s modern complex world it is important more than ever to ensure that we all comply with the current legislation: For example If you’re selling or renting your home in the United Kingdom you are obliged to provide a current Energy Performance Certificate to inform  potential buyers or tenants of the energy rating, before you sell or rent your property.





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