Ever since the report describing the heat losses occurring in domestic property has been issued, describing where expensive Electricity and Gas is used to keep homes warm and comfortable,it has identified that three quarters of Todays Buildings that are in the same condition that they have been since their original construction dates.

It has long been recognised with such property that, whatever heat is produced with whatever system to heat the property, 41% of that heat will be lost through inefficient heating equipment, low energy retentive fabric (walls,floors,lofts and door/windows) this will effect all those rooms that are kept warm and hot water kept hot.

That is to say for every pound spent on paying for energy,0.41 pence is consistently lost through poor house/building construction. Todays modern approach is to upgrade both the house fabric and the efficiency of the heating system,

The Governments term for this is Retrofit, and it is intended to reduce the amount of heat lost through poor house fabric by improving the construction and by using Insulation to retain what otherwise would be lost valuable heat in both the living environment and water heating situations.

The future intention is to move away from Gas for home energy supply and use Electricity which at present is predominately the more expensive fuel, but with the coming on stream of new nuclear power stations this imbalance will change in the future to make electricity the favoured fuel.

Also with the the exorbitantly rising cost of energy at present, it makes even more sense that every Btu, therm and kwHr needs examining to ensure we do not waste more money, so the answer is clear, take advantage of the retrofitting move to improve energy usage of your homes whilst taking advantage that the Government PAS 2035 Retrofit scheme will fund over half of the cost.

Retrofitting your home will save you money and your home and water heating will become more affordable. your watchword should be ” Keep the cash in my pocket and not the Energy Companies account”.

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