Following news of the Green Deal Finance Company funding coming to an end, I would like to take the opportunity to personally comment on the fact that the Certification organisations have stated that they shall continue to work with consumer groups and the relevant Government departments in order to support Green Deal or its replacement whenever that shall be.

The original framework still remains in place and I would suggest that Green Deal approved certification bodies should still work to support it, it would be sensible to do so and I personally hope they remain committed to continually support it.

The Green Deal framework remains vital to ECO and energy efficiency policies. It is considered to be an integral aspect of meeting the required and specified carbon reduction targets.

I Feel sure that Stroma Certification, Elmhurst Energy Quidos and others would be prepared to adapt to any future reshaping of funding and support of opportunities in order to ensure systems are in place for Green Deal Plans or similar to continue.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the above, please do contact me on 07478 333251 or email me on We will endeavour to continually publish sensible information concerning all aspects of our industry and update with any further developments.

Let’s hope that sensible heads prevail at the coming Paris conference so that we have a combined policy including measures to limit and reduce carbon emissions and save energy and energy costs.

Watch this space for the future and the latest comments!

James C