EPC’s, Always Evolving.

By June 18, 2018Uncategorized

More and more these days I see Energy Performance Certificates are changing, if it is not the Assessment programmes that change it is the government legislation concerning the certificate ratings that is different from those previously produced.

I belive in life one should never stand still  and not rever course, we should keep moving on to  produce the best result we can.

people are just coming round to appreciate that the higher the EPC rating then the more energy and costs will be saved for the future.

Whether we like it or not Energy costs money and  without energy saving measures similar to that described in the Epc being implemented, it is the same as throwing money away, money that most of us badly need to continue our standard of living.

So in my opinion change in this respect is a good thing if it leads to spending less money with the Energy Companies after all it is us that they get the majority of their profits from.

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The Energy Sleuth.


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